Chateau l'Argentier - Sommières

Located in the town of Sommières, between Nîmes and Montpellier, Château l’Argentier has been run by the same family since 1937. Owners and winemakers Élisabeth & Francois Jourdan currently farm a total of 24 hectares of vines, producing a selection of AOP Languedoc wines, including 2 hectares classified under the Sommières cru and 6 hectares under the Grès de Montpellier cru. The AOP wines are made mainly from Syrah and Grenache, with a little Carignan and Mourvedre. The estate also produces a trio of excellent "varietal" IGP wines - reds from Carignan and Cinsault, plus an unusual (and quite delicious) rosé from (inter alia) Aramon. Many of the vines are very old (over 85 years) and are planted on clay soils rich in flint.

What attracted us to Chateau l'Argentier is the fact that all of the wines are both fermented and aged in concrete vats, completely unfettered by the influence of oak. This refreshing approach to winemaking allows the resulting wines to fully express their fruit and terroir, which they do with great verve. Furthermore, the reds are aged in bottle for at least a couple of years before release, which means they are already very approachable, though undoubtedly capable of further ageing. With Chateau l'Argentier, we are pleased to have added yet another top-quality grower to our list of discoveries.

Élisabeth Jourdan Rosé 2020 IGP Gard
Old vine Aramon, Cinsault & Grenache 
medium-bodied - aged in vat 
£ 15.50
Élisabeth & Francois Jourdan Cinsault Vieilles Vignes 2020 IGP Gard
100% Cinsault - old vines
Aged in vat - no oak
£ 15.95
Élisabeth & Francois Jourdan Carignan Vieilles Vignes 2019 IGP Gard
100% Carignan - old vines
Aged in vat - no oak
£ 17.95
Chateau l'Argentier 2017 Languedoc
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan 
Full-bodied - aged in vat 
£ 16.25
Chateau l'Argentier 2018 Languedoc Grès de Montpellier
65% Grenache, plus Carignan and Syrah
Aged in vat - no oak
£ 19.50
Chateau l'Argentier 2017 Languedoc Sommières
70% Syrah, 20% Carignan, 10% Grenache
Aged in vat - no oak
£ 21.50
Domaine de l'Argentier Cuvée Speciale Hommage a André Martin 2018 IGP Gard
50% Carignan, 50% Cinsault - old vines
Aged in vat - no oak
£ 27.95