Mas Coutelou Ploutelou 2021 Vin de France

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Mas Coutelou Ploutelou 2021 Vin de France
Region Puimisson - midway between Béziers and Faugères
Colour/Style Dry red - medium-full bodied
Grapes100%  Aramon, Cinsault, Grenache and Clairette
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food White meats, risotto, seared tuna, cold cuts
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A bright, pale cherry red - almost "Clairet" (i.e. a deeper rosé colour). Jeff Coutelou likes to mix unusual grape varieties and isn't afraid to add in the occasional white variety to his red wines. This displays the classic Coutelou perfume of bright red berry and currant fruits, with hints of flowers and white fruit (peach, sweet apple) and curry spices. The palate is equally vibrant and full of youthful red fruit flavours, with hints of soft citrus, peppery spice and garrigue herbs. What tannins there are are uber-ripe, slightly tea-like, whilst the citrus and cherry skin acidity makes for a truly mouth-watering wine - perfect for sipping on its own, or to match grilled white meats, risotto or even seared tuna. A versatile and utterly delicious wine!