The Pézenas AOP stretches northwards from the flatter areas around the historic town of Pézenas, up to the rolling hills around Gabian and Neffies and on towards the fringes of Faugères. The climate is characterized by its relatively low rainfall (around 700mm per year), and is less marked by maritime influences than the Terrasses de Béziers to the west and Grès de Montpellier to the east, but less continental than the more mountainous Terrasses du Larzac to the north. The summers are hot, whilst the winters are relatively mild.

The soils are of complex and varied origins, with three main types - shale, limestone and alluvial - with significant remains of volcanic activity, basalt flows, consolidated ashes and scree (black stones) which blend with soils of other origins.The altitude of the vineyards varies between 0 and 300 m, and there are vines at all altitudes.

Domaine Turner Pageot Le Rouge 2018 Languedoc - Pézenas
80% Grenche, 20% Syrah
Full bodied - aged partly in barrel
£ 15.95
Domaine Turner Pageot Carmina Major 2016 Languedoc - Pézenas
70% Syrah, 30% Mourvedre 
Full bodied - aged 2 years in barrel
£ 18.95