Terre Inconnue Les Bruyeres 2013 Vin de France

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Terre Inconnue Les Bruyeres 2013 Vin de France
Region Saint-Sériès - midway between Nimes and Montpellier
Colour/Style Dry red - full bodied, aged in used oak barrels
Grapes 50% Carignan, 50% Grenache
Alcohol (a.b.v)
Food Rack of lamb, rib of beef or rich, hearty stews
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Drink Approachable now, but will age/evolve to 2028 and beyond
Winemaker Robert Creus advised me to taste and assess this wine over 3 to 4 days, and I can sort of see why it will take a good few years to show it's true colours. But I have to say I personally love it just as it is. Granted, the tannins are pretty robust and the acidity is high, but it is absolutely chock full of fresh and pickled bramble and sour cherry fruit, damp earth aromas and flavours that it is hard to resist! Add to that some subtle hints of polished wood and spicy, herby notes, plus of course that utterly wonderful streak of volatile acidity that I love in Robert's wines, and it really is a wonderfully fresh, vibrant, expressive wine. After time in the glass, it also begins to develop some nice floral/violet aromas, which lend a touch of real elegance to the fruit, which is increasingly turns more red (rather than black) by the sip. But just to reiterate, this is not a wine for the faint-hearted (yet). It will take some time (perhaps 2020 or beyond) for that acidity to fully integrate, and probably beyond 2023 for the wine to begin to reach its peak. One of the great myths about red wine is that it requires plenty of tannin to age well - it helps, of course, but equally important for ageing (if not more so) is acidity. We enjoyed a few bottles of the 1999 Les Bruyeres a few years back, which I am reliably informed by the winemaker was very similar to the 2013 in its youth. And they were massively complex and utterly compelling. And  if you have the required patience to age it for long enough, I promise you will be similarly rewarded. For the money, this is an absolute bargain, whether you (dare) drink it now, or cellar it for 10 to 15 years. Biodynamic.