Domaine Adèléandre - Saint-Sériès (biodynamic)

Domaine Adèléandre was created by Sébastien Abonneau in early 2007, when he purchased around 1 hectare of very old (in excess of 70 years) Grenache, Carignan and Cinsault vines, situated around the villages of Saint-Series and Saint Christol, midway between Nîmes and Montpellier. Although Sebastien owns and runs a wine shop in Arles, he had no previous winemaking experience, so when he made his first wines later that year, it was under the tutelage of his friends Lucien and Robert Creus of Terre Inconnue. 2007 was a relatively hot, dry year, and with the vines having been pruned hard by the previous owner, only 1,000 bottles were produced (a miserly yield of just 7.5 hectolitres per hectare). Yields in subsequent years have been *slightly* more generous at an average of 15 to 18 hl/ha - such old vines are naturally very low-yielding anyway - resulting in an annual production of around 2,000 bottles. The upside of course is that the resulting wines are concentrated, structured and hugely complex.

Adèléandre is an amalgam of the names of Sébastien's two daughters, Adèle and Léandre, after whom his two cuvées are named. Adèle is 100% Grenache, aged for between 12 and 16 months in old oak barrels (which come from Chateau Rayas), whilst Léandre is 80% Cinsault and 20% Carignan, aged in stainless steel. The wines are essentially natural, with little or no SO2 used in either the winemaking or bottling processes, and Sébastien follows biodynamic practices in the vineyard and the winery. All of which results in some of the most complex and thrilling wines to be found anywhere in Languedoc. How could it not be thus, when they come from the same stable as the fabulous Terre Inconnue?! Give them a try - you will not be disappointed. 

Domaine Adèléandre Adèle 2011 Vin de France
100% Grenache  - aged in old barrels 
600 bottles made each year
£ 22.99